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Rob F. Stables, DVM, Owner and President
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 Member of XL Vets

Dr. Rob Stables was born and raised with purebred Black Angus in Rosetown, Saskatchewan. He was an active member in 4-H and enjoyed his time on the cattle show circuit. He entered the University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture in 1989 and was accepted into Veterinary Medicine in 1992. After graduating with his DVM in 1996, he went to work at Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants in Crossfield, AB following his interest in genetics and reproductive technology. He specialized in bovine embryo transfer for 8 years and perfected his bovine reproductive skills. In 2004 he joined Bow Valley Veterinary Clinic and purchased the clinic with his wife Candy in September of 2004. Over the next few years he grew the embryo transfer side of the practice to the point that it has become a fulltime commitment with the expansion of embryo transfer services and then into semen production and the construction of an export qualified bull stud.

Fernando Rivera Acuna, Herdsman

Fernando was born and grew up on a family farm of dual-purpose cattle system (Beef/Milk-production) in Sonora, Mexico. In 1997 he graduated in Veterinary Medicine at Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora.  He has also completed a master’s and doctoral studies at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, under a special scientific research program with the University of California in Davis-VMTRC-Tulare, Ca., focused on the reproductive improvement of dairy cattle, developing in collaboration, artificial insemination and superovulation protocols in combination with strategies to reduce heat stress.  In 2009 he obtained a position as a full-time professor in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-ITSON, in the area of reproductive physiology and production of dairy cattle. In 2017 he was accepted for a one-year stay at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine-USASK to collaborate on research projects focused on reproductive improvement in bulls and beef cattle, (Semen, embryo and oocyte quality). Fernando joined Bow Valley Genetics Ltd. in April 2019.

Daryl Leppa, Sire Manager
587-887-1934 Ext. 2  | dleppa@bowvalleygenetics.com

I grew up in West Central, Saskatchewan, on a mixed farming operation that had grain, a small purebred herd and a commercial herd. That is where my passion for the livestock industry started to develop. Through my childhood years, I was involved in 4-H and other junior beef programs intriguing my interest even more!

In my early adult years, I was involved in my family’s farm and I also had the interest to get involved in show and sale cattle preparation (fitting and clipping). Through the following years, I was very fortunate to work for many astute cattleman and beef leading purebred operations across North America, honing my knowledge about this great industry.

In 2008, I took on a new role as Show and Sale Cattle Manager at a prominent ranch at Six Mile Angus. As the title says what my part of their operations was. But it also got me involved with many of the other facets of the ranch like marketing, genetics, etc. etc.

In 2015 is when I decided I would take a different career path in my life with new challenges but stay in the industry I have passion for. In September 2015, I started working at Bow Valley Genetics.

Helen Bateman-Jackson, Laboratory Director

Helen Bateman-Jackson grew up in small town near Hamilton, Ontario. She graduated with a BSc in biomedical science from the University of Guelph followed by an MSc in Reproductive Physiology from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph in conjunction with the Toronto Zoo. Helen’s Master’s thesis research was investigating and establishing semen cryopreservation protocols in domestic Dogs as a model for the Red Wolf. This lead to a position as a research Associate at the Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife at the Cincinnati Zoo in the US, where she researched semen cryopreservation, in-vitro fertilization, and embryo culture and transfer in a wide range of species – predominately feline, rhino and mustelid species. Helen has a large number of scientific publications in the animal reproductive field including publications in Theriogenology, Animal Reproductive Science, Biology of Reproduction, and Zoo Biology journals. After moving her family back to Canada, Helen joined the BVG team in November 2016, applying her reproductive, cryopreservation and research skills to Bovine semen production and freezing. As Lab Director, Helen aims to ensure semen frozen at Bow Valley meets and exceeds a high standard of quality whether used for AI, embryo flushing or IVF.

Justin Glessman, Donor Manager
403-362-1934 | jglessman@bowvalleygenetics.com

Justin Glessman grew up in Saskatchewan with 4-H being a big part of his up bringing. Justin attended the University of Saskatchewan and Lakeland College to obtain his Diploma in Animal Science Technology in Purebred Beef. He was on the Lakeland College Purebred Beef Team where he was in charge of Herd Health. Justin also attended the fall and spring shows that the Purebred Team promotes every year and helped with the Beef Day Bull Sale Lakeland College put on every spring. He became the Donor Manager in May 2016 to be responsible for donor health, injections, records, and other day-to-day jobs at the E.T. Barn. Justin is looking forward to helping you with any of your donor questions.

Justin Kristjansson, Centre Veterinarian
587-887-1934 Ext 4 or 403-793-0909 | jrkristjansson@bowvalleygenetics.com

Dr. Justin Kristjansson was raised in southern Manitoba on a cow-calf operation specializing in purebred Shorthorn and commercial cattle production. Justin’s involvement in the management of the farm and genetic improvement of the herd lead to an interest in veterinary medicine, especially assisted reproductive technologies. Undergraduate studies in Biology at Brandon University and Animal Science at the University of Saskatchewan allowed Justin to stay active in the family farm and expand the purebred herd via embryo transfer. Justin’s years at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine were spent seeking out opportunities to advance his understanding, skill set, and specialization in all areas of bovine reproduction. Justin joined Bow Valley Genetics as the Centre Veterinarian in May of 2017 after graduating from the WCVM and enjoys all aspects of overseeing the health and production of all of the bulls in stud, donors cows, and recipients. Justin is passionate about working with all our clients to optimize the efficiency of the role that assisted reproductive technologies play in their herds genetic advancement goals.

Kim Ranger, Office Manager / Executive Assistant
587-887-1934 Ext 3 | office@bowvalleygenetics.com

Kim is a 9-year veteran of Bow Valley. Having worked first with small animals then joining the BVGL team at its start—In the past it was early morning drives with Dr. Stables for flushing and embryo transfer, to now- managing the front office. Kim has been an integral member of the team. With a love of animals, and an 8-year history working as a Veterinary assistant, Kim is both passionate and well-suited for her role at BVGL. You can find Kim at the front desk assisting a customer or lending a helping hand wherever needed. She loves her work at BVGL, and the amazing team around her.

Katie Serhienko, Office Manager / Executive Assistant
(587) 887-1934 ext. 3 | kserhienko@bowvalleygenetics.com

Katie was born and raised in Maymont, Saskatchewan on a purebred Charolais operation. She was actively involved both in 4-H, as well as the in various cattle show opportunities that she has had. Katie completed her Agribusiness diploma from Lakeland College in 2017, then transferred to the University of Saskatchewan where she has recently completed her Bsc in Agribusiness. She has chosen to start her career with Bow Valley Genetics, and is excited for all of the learning opportunities that she will have, as well as to work with a fantastic group of people!

Maxine ChizikGeneral Assistant


Marianne Janzen, Head of Distribution
587-887-1934 Ext. 0 | mjanzen@bowvalleygenetics.com

Marianne was born and raised on a farm in Rainier Alberta. She was a member of 4-H for several years until going off to Olds College to take the Animal Health Technology course. She worked for Bow Valley Vet Clinic for a few years until starting a family in Rosemary, where she currently still lives with her husband Matt and their three children. She has been with Bow Valley Genetics since 2013.

Roxy Gentis, Embryologist

Roxy is the Chief Embryologist at Bow Valley Genetics since January 2018. She is originally from South Africa where she obtained her master’s degree in human Reproductive Biology. Roxy is starting up our very own in-house IVF laboratory whereby we can offer many innovative techniques to our clients.

Krista Johnston, Embryo Technician

Krista Johnston was raised just South of Calgary near Priddis, AB. She grew up riding horses and competing in show jumping. Krista attended Olds College and graduated from the Veterinary Technical Assistant program. After college, Krista spent a year at an equine veterinary practice assisting the veterinarians with appointments. Krista is a new member to the BVG team. You can find her flushing, freezing and implanting embryos!

Natasha Warwaruk, Embryo Technician

Natasha Warwaruk grew up on her family farm, a commercial cow-calf operation, located by Altario, Alberta.  While growing up, Natasha could often be found working hard on the farm with her family and found a special interest in cattle management.After graduation from high school, Natasha elected to attend the University of Saskatchewan and attained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in Animal Science in 2015.  During her time at the U of S, Natasha spent a summer conducting research at the university and ended up writing her thesis on coat color genetics in Braunvieh cattle.  Upon completion of her degree, Natasha returned home to work for a few years on the family farm and to get married before finding her passion in the field of bovine embryology.

Patricia Fawley, Embryo Technician

Patricia Fawley is a graduate from the University of Manitoba.  She discovered her love of cattle after backpacking around Australia and living on a beef cattle operation where she learned how to brand, feed and castrate.  Upon arrival back to Canada she pursued a degree in animal agriculture to better understand the livestock industry. In her studies she took courses on biology, beef cattle management and animal reproduction. You can find Patricia on farm assisting with embryo transfer, helping with semen processing, or behind the microscope searching for embryos.

Rae-Lynn Armstrong, Sire Assistant Manager

Rae Lynn Armstrong grew up on a family ranch just outside of Bassano. Proud mother of three, she has been a professional trick rider and stunt woman for the last 22 years. She has also performed across North America entertaining audiences.

Jacques Du Toit, Herdsman

Jacques is originally from South Africa and has been at Bow Valley Genetics since March 2018 as the Donor Herdsman. Jacques takes care of the client’s donors and prepares them for the various procedures including embryo recoveries and oocyte collections. Jacques is always around to lend a helping hand, whether it be to the vets, staff or clients.

Cody Allison, Herdsman


Peter Rollheiser, Herdsman


Laurie Morasch, Herdsman

Laurie is a graduate of Lakeland College studying Beef Production. She has been involved in the industry from a very young age showing her cattle at Junior Shows all over Canada and the USA. She currently works for Bow Valley Genetics, Lazy MC Angus and spends her free time keeping her barrel racing and roping horses in shape to compete in rodeos all over western Canada.

Blu Hale, Herdsman


Krista Scherger, Herdsman

Krista Scherger grew up in Southern Alberta in a farm and ranch family. She was always very involved in rodeo and 4-H. She attended LCC and then went on to manage a 25,000 head feedlot in Enchant. There she acquired her knowledge in herd health and feed bunk management. She now lives outside of Bassano with her husband and two young boys. At BVG, she helps with semen collections, feeding, and general daily health of the animals. It is her priority to make sure every bull has top quality care while at our facility..

Robin RetzlaffSire Health Manager

Robin Retzlaff is a local! Born and raised on a farm near Rosemary, AB.  She recently graduated from Ambrose University with a BSc in Biology, focusing in Health Sciences.  Robin previously worked seasonally with BVG, when not in school, and started full-time in April 2018 as a semen lab technician. Robin chose BVG to start her Animal Science career and is excited to dive deeper into the world of bovine reproduction and genetics!

Stephanie HarbinsonLaboratory Technician

Stephanie Harbinson grew up in small town Bassano, AB. She attended a year in Vermillion at Lakeland College, where she took general agriculture. Stephanie has been with Bow Valley Genetics since July 2017 as a vet tech. In her spare time, she keeps busy on their family farm.

Candace WoodsLaboratory Technician

Candace Woods grew up in the small town of Nelson, British Columbia. She graduated with a BSc in Biology from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. Prior to relocating to Brooks, Candace worked at Wildlife Genetics in Nelson, BC, as Senior Project Manager for 10 years, conducting population studies on various species, including grizzly and black bear, wolverine, and caribou. In 2014, she and her young family moved to Brooks, AB. Before settling at BVGL, she worked for 3 years at the Crop Diversification Centre, where she participated in a number of research trials on crops, including canola, soybean, lentil, and mung bean. Her diverse background, and familiarity in a laboratory, have made her transition into BVG simple and seamless. She is excited about expanding her knowledge into the world of bovine reproduction and cryopreservation.

Rob F. Stables, DVM
Owner and President 
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Fernando Rivera Acuna
Daryl Leppa
Sire Manager
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Helen Jackson-Bateman
Semen Laboratory Director
Justin Glessman
Donor Manager
Justin Kristjansson
Centre Veterinarian
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Kim Ranger
Office Manager / Executive Assistant
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Katie Serhienko
Office Manager / Executive Assistant
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Maxine Chizik
General Assistant
Marianne Janzen
Head of Distribution
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Roxy Gentis

Krista Johnston
Embryo Technician
Natasha Warwaruk
Embryo Technician

Patricia Fawley
Embryo Technician

Rae-Lynn Armstrong
Sire Assistant Manager
Jaques Du Toit

Cody Allison

Peter Rollheiser
Laurie Morasch
Blu Hale
Krista Scherger
Robin Retzlaff
Sire Health Manager
Stephanie Harbinson
Laboratory Technician
Candace Woods
Laboratory Technician