Semen Collection FAQ’s2024-02-01T16:28:35-05:00
Do you store and distribute semen?2021-01-28T14:24:20-05:00

Yes, we are fully able to store your semen inventory and provide distribution services within Canada and for export.

What is the difference between Owner’s Use (In Herd Use), Canada Use (Domestic) and Export Qualified semen?2024-02-01T16:25:03-05:00

Owner’s Use Semen – No health tests are required. The bull can come in and leave the same day. Only the owners of the bull are allowed access to this semen, it is meant to be used within their own herds only. It is not to be sold or traded. At the time of collection the owner is required to sign a declaration stating they will not trade or sell the semen. The straws are marked with the owner’s name.

Canada Use (Domestic) – Semen produced to this standard can be sold throughout Canada but cannot be exported. 

Export Qualified – Semen produced to this standard is eligible for export to different countries outside of Canada.