Semen Collection FAQ’s2019-09-17T21:58:32-04:00
Do you store and distribute semen?2021-01-28T14:24:20-05:00

Yes, we are fully able to store your semen inventory and provide distribution services within Canada and for export.

How long will my bull be in stud?2021-02-17T17:41:56-05:00

The bull must be present in the Isolation barn prior to collection. In that time 3 tests are done for Trichomonas foetus and Vibrio at weekly intervals. At the end of the 30 days all of the pre-entry tests are repeated. Once the results from the second round of tests return and are negative then the bull can enter the Resident herd which is where the export qualified semen can be produced. From the time the bull enters the Isolation herd until he is released to the Resident herd will take a minimum of 6 weeks and perhaps longer depending on the speed of the labs and reporting of results.

What if I only want Canada Use semen not Export Qualified?2021-02-17T17:43:25-05:00

We can collect semen from your bull while he is in the Isolation barn. This semen can be marked Owner’s Use (in which case it can be released the following day) or produced as Domestic or Canada Use (which is released following the bull having passed all the tests required to move out of Isolation). Once the bull is qualified to leave Isolation he will move to the resident herd and semen collected there will be eligible for export as well as domestic only. If enough domestic semen has been put up through the Isolation period and the Canadian release is completed, then the bull can be taken home without entering the export herd.

Will I be able to export semen to the EU or European countries?2021-01-28T14:25:30-05:00

We are unable to produce semen for the EU at this time. To collect semen for the EU requires the bull be negative for IBR antibodies and held in separate EU quarantine facilities.

To what countries will I be able to export semen if I collect my bull at your facility?2021-01-28T14:25:44-05:00

Export qualified semen will get access to many countries in the world. We also test all semen for IBR virus which allows access to even more countries for bulls which have been vaccinated for IBR. We are not qualified to produce semen for export to the European Union (which consists of most countries in Europe). EU qualification requires a bull to be negative for IBR antibodies. IBR vaccination will result in antibodies.

What is the difference between Owner’s Use (In Herd Use), Canada Use (Domestic) and Export Qualified semen?2021-01-28T14:26:00-05:00

Owner’s Use Semen – No health tests are required. The bull can come in and leave the same day. Only the owners of the bull are allowed access to this semen, it is meant to be used within their own herds only. It is not to be sold or traded. At the time of collection the owner is required to sign a declaration stating they will not trade or sell the semen. The straws are marked with the owner’s name.

Canada Use (Domestic) – Semen produced to this standard can be sold throughout Canada but cannot be exported. Semen collected during the isolation period meets this standard and is releasable for sale once the bull passes the isolation period and tests.

Export Qualified – Once a bull has passed the isolation requirements he is eligible to enter the Resident herd where he can be collected to freeze exportable semen. Some countries have extra testing requirements in order to qualify the semen to enter. We will be doing IBR testing of all semen to enable access to many of these countries. South America and Australia would be examples of countries requiring this extra testing.